punktortoise: (SF moomin)
punktortoise ([personal profile] punktortoise) wrote2009-06-01 10:10 am


The submissions-response drought seems to have broken, slightly. After having had only one response in nearly four weeks, I received an acceptance this morning for my silly Star-Trek-tinged story, 'Scuttle', from Blood, Blade, and Thruster.  So the month starts on a positive note.  But I'll need to get my skates on if I'm to reach my target of 100 responses for the year (had been aiming at 100 rejections, but that'll take longer).  Also, I'm seriously in danger of running out of humorous stories - I have only five left in circulation.  (Of course, some people might say that's more than enough, but I'd kinda like to get the reserve back up to double figures.)

Also excellent to hear that Grant Stone's brilliant story from ASIM 37, 'Under Waves and Over', was awarded the short story prize at the SJV awards last night.  Well done Grant!

That is all.  For now, at any rate.